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Booty Bumping, Boofing, Plugging

What is booty bumping, boofing, or plugging? Instead of eating, snorting, or injecting a substance, the person uses the rectum (anus) as the route of administration. This route of administration… Read more »

Cocaine Cut: Ephedrine

Ephedrine-Induced PRIAPISM: (Prolonged erected penis) What is Ephedrine? Ephedrine comes from the plant Ephedra sinica, which can be found in Asia. For centuries this herb has been used in China… Read more »

Effects of Mixing Ketamine and Alcohol

The consumption of ketamine and alcohol mixtures (whether deliberately or inadvertently), is relatively common. This combination should genearlly be avoided. Effects of alcohol on it’s own In lower doses, alcohol… Read more »

Is Cannabis Addictive?

Short answer, yes. Cannabis can be addictive, physically and psychologically. Recent studies suggest that about 9% of cannabis smokers will become dependent. The addiction rate would likely increase to 17%,… Read more »

MDMA (Molly) Dosage

Oral dosage range is from 30 mg to 200 mg. Oral Doses: (for pure or uncut MDMA) Minimum amount for effect (threshold): 30 mg Light dose: 40-75 mg Common dose… Read more »


James Fadiman’s Protocol (Beginners Protocol) What’s micro-dosing? Micro-dosing involves taking a tiny dose of psychedelic hallucinogens or other drugs. Most popularly, people use magic mushrooms (psilocybin) or LSD (acid), but… Read more »