LSD Potency Test Kit

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Determine LSD potency/concentration on blotter paper or in liquids quickly and easily.

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Potency of blotters and liquid can vary widely, and many LSD products contain a small fraction of the expected dose.

With this LSD test kit, you can easily find out how much LSD is on each tab of blotter paper, or in each drop of liquid you have. Results are given as precise microgram (µg) amounts. Simply use a half blotter or one drop of your liquid to measure the exact LSD concentration. You can easily read the result by comparing your sample with the supplied color scale. The scale fits every blotter from weak to very strong and also tells you how much µg LSD is in one drop of your solution.

  • Easily find out how strong your blotter/liquid is
  • Works with blotters, liquid, and sugar cubes
  • Results in only 12 minutes
  • The only quantitative LSD test on the market
  • Includes 1 x LSD potency test

LSD Purity Test Color Chart
The vials indicate colors of different concentrations of LSD. From left to right the concentrations are:

0 µg 25 µg 50 µg 75 µg 100 µg 125 µg 180 µg 230 µg 280 µg

LSD Potency Test Kit Contents

  • 1 x pair of protective gloves
  • 1 x set of detailed instructions
  • 1 x color chart to evaluate LSD concentration
  • 1 x glass vessel with extraction solution
  • 1 x plastic dropper with detection solution

Important note: LSD purity testing in this context refers to the concentration of LSD in a sample. Purity doesn’t mean your sample is free of cuts or impurities.

LSD Potency Test FAQ

Does the LSD potency test work for derivatives like 1cP-LSD, 1P-LSD or similar?

Our LSD potency test is calibrated to the “LSD-25”. With derivatives like the 1cP-LSD, 1P-LSD or others, the test would not work and would not show any coloration.

Do I need anything else to perform the test?

Basically, everything you need comes with the kit. To prepare your sample, you only need the following, which you probably already have at home:

  • Scissors to cut your blotter in half
  • A dropper to measure a drop from your liquid

How much material do I need for the test?

You only need a half of a blotter or one drop of your liquid to perform the test. Liquid LSD tends to settle at the bottom of the vial, for reliable results it is important to shake/invert your liquid carefully before testing. The result will tell you how much LSD-25 is in an entire blotter, or in two drops of your remaining liquid.

What does quantitative test mean and how does this test differ from your LSD reagent tests?

Reagent tests can detect whether or not a particular substance is present in a sample. This LSD potency test not only detects, but also quantifies LSD – which means it determines the concentration.


No drug (whether legal or illegal) is completely safe, we recommend avoiding all recreational drug use.

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