MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly) Test Kit

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Use this kit to test for the presence of Ecstasy (MDMA, MDA, MDE), Speed (amphetamine) and other substances.

Our Ecstasy Test Kit includes what is also known as the Marquis reagent. It was the first test kit available and should be your primary test for MDMA (“Molly/Ecstasy”).

Besides testing for Molly and Speed (amphetamine), this kit will detect a range of other substances. A chart showing color reactions, as well as a multi-use testing vial, are also included with the kit.

Test Kit Includes:

  • Bottle with testing fluid
  • Color chart with instructions
  • Multiple-use testing vial
  • Protective storage/transport jar

MDMA Test – Video Demo

Results may vary depending on sample impurities, adulterants, and other factors.

MDMA (Ecstasy) Test Tips

  • MDMA and MDMA-like substances (MDA, MDE) will turn from dark purple to black quite quickly – usually in less than 10 seconds. To differentiate between MDMA and MDA, use the Simon’s test.
  • DXM (used in cough suppressants) turns from gray to black relatively gradually. Therefore, if you don’t see dark purple or black during the first few seconds of the reaction, what you have might not be MDMA.
  • Speed (amphetamine) turns from a orange to reddish-orange.
  • If your sample contains both Speed and MDMA, both substances will react at the same time, yielding possibly a reddish or muddy color.
  • The testing vial that comes with the kit helps prevent your skin from contacting the reagent while testing. Extra testing vials are also great for when you’re on the go. But, using a white ceramic plate can help you see the results more easily.
  • It’s always better to test with multiple test liquids, as a double check and to screen for substances that don’t react with this test. See the Mecke test kit and the Mandelin test kit. If you can afford it, we recommend the Essential Drug Test Kit (3-In-1 Bundle), or the MDMA (Molly/Ecstasy) Test Kit Package.

Test Kit instructions

  1. Put a small sample into the testing vial. Your sample should be about this size: (●)
  2. Hold the testing vial above the open plastic jar, so that if a drop misses the vial, it will land in the jar.
  3. Place 1-2 drops of the testing liquid from the dropper bottle onto the sample. DO NOT let the sample touch the bottle nozzle, or the reagent will get contaminated!
  4. Watch the color change over 30-60 seconds. Some reactions occur quickly (MDMA takes only a couple of seconds to turn dark purple/black). Other reactions take a longer time (aspirin and sugar gradually change color over the course of a few minutes).
  5. Compare the reaction color with the color chart provided.
  6. Tightly close the dropper bottle. If you’re using more than one testing fluid, make sure you only open one bottle at a time. If you accidentally switch caps, the testing liquid will get contaminated and ruined.
  7. Thoroughly wash the testing vial after each use.
  8. Store the dropper bottle in a cold place to maximize shelf life, like a freezer.
Substance Color Change Time → Reaction Rate
MDMA/MDA/MDE (Ecstasy) Purple to dark purple/black. MDMA will turn dark purple within a couple of seconds, then black or very dark purple shortly after. Some bubbling (fizzing) may occur towards the beginning of the reaction. Marquis MDMA color reaction Fast
(≈ 5 sec)
Amphetamine (Speed) Orange to dark reddish orange. Marquis Speed color reaction Fast
(≈ 5 sec)
DXM Gray to black, may release small amounts of smoke right away. Reaction starts after 10 sec. and takes longer than MDMA to turn black. Marquis DXM color reaction Medium
(≈ 20 sec)
“Bath salts” (methylone, butylone, MDPV…) Turns yellow quickly. Marquis Bath Salts, methylone, butylone, MDPV color reaction Fast
(≈ 5 sec)
Cocaine No reaction
Aspirin Gradually turns pink, then a light red color. A very slow reaction. Marquis Aspirin color reaction Slow
(5 min. or more)
Sugar Gradually turns yellowish, then to a brown color. A very slow reaction. Marquis sugar color reaction Slow
(5 min. or more)

More Color Reactions:

More Info

For the most up-to-date color reaction results, see our drug testing results page.

Testing Reaction Results »

Further Reading

MDMA/Ecstasy General Info


While reagent testing is the best method for on-the-spot testing, it is never 100% conclusive. There are many variables that can impact the reaction. Lighting, impurities, and unwanted substances in your sample may all play a role.

No drug (whether legal or illegal) is completely safe, we recommend avoiding all recreational drug use.

Additional information

Weight .086 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 cm

Regular (up to 100 tests), Large (up to 200 Tests)


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25 reviews «1 of 2»
It works

Packaging is nice and it works.

Easy & great...

Super easy to do and really glad I got it.

Not happy with my purchase.

I tried mine on two different samples, one a pill, and some crystals. Mine did NOT turn any color at all. I think someone put water in my bottle. There was no reaction and I’ve all ready taken both samples. Not happy at all.

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Thank you for the note, and and for outlining the result of your test. False negatives are rare. Please be certain you’re testing with the appropriate reagent for your sample. For example, Ehrlich reagent won’t react with MDMA. If you didn’t get a reaction with this product (Marquis), it’s unlikely your sample contains MDMA. Hope this helps.

The Test Kit Plus team

works great

super easy to use. i was concerned because it says to keep it cold but i live somewhere really hot so i was worried it may be damaged but it was perfectly fine.

Top Quality MDMA Test Kit

This test kit has been a life saver! Consistent results every single time and one large kit is plenty. Thank you TKP!

Exactly as advertised!

Shipping was a bit delayed due to covid but I was given above expected customer service throughout the whole process. Would return in the future. Used the tests and everything works extremely well.

Top Marks

All the way to other side of globe, no trouble. Peace of mind is essential. Thank you


Amazing product, had a bad experience before so use this every single time and it’s given myself and my friends peace of mind. Excellent product ordering my next kit now.

Looks good

Looks good but I just have to figure out how to use it.

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Thank you for the review. We suggest taking a look at a demo video like this one: Molly/Ecstasy (MDMA) Test Using a Test Kit.
The Test Kit Plus team

Great Service

Affordable, professional, delivered right away. And most importantly, it works correctly.

The Real Deal

Works like a charm. Prompt delivery, top-notch company.

Safety first

Consider an M is less than a buck and the test kit is 30 times more expensive than that, still, it’s worth testing what you’re taking.

Great for only 25$

Shipped surprisingly fast across the globe, no questions from customs in my case, which was an even bigger surprise

Great product!

This test kit allows me to know exactly what I’m taking. Package it was delivered in was very discreet. It did take a while to get delivered even though I ordered speedy delivery but I understand that that has to do with international postal services and security, and not the actual company of the test kit. If you’re going to take substances, you can afford a $25+/- product that tests substances so you don’t get anything dirty. Overrall great product. I definitely recommend!!

Thanks TKP!

I was skeptical at first but took the plunge after reading the reviews. Make no mistake folks, this product is GOOD. Love it!


Seriously, there’s no excuse why you can’t buy a test kit for $26 CAD to ensure your safety when you intend to take a substance. You will never know what you’re taking unless you test it first!


Excellent product, does exactly what its supposed to. Showed up just in time. I would be sure to order at least 6 weeks before you need the tests. US customs held onto my package for a little while before sending it. I would highly recommend these.

Good product

I orederd from Australia and arrived within the expected delivery time frame. I used once and it worked as explained in the description… the reaction was super quick and the sample turned into dark purple so it looked like I’ve got MDMA… however I haven’t tray the substance yet so I hope it matches what the testkit shows… let’s see what happens, I’ll try it out soon and let you guys know !

Works great

It came within the time range it said it would and has worked great on everything I’ve tested

Never received it

Ordered 3 weeks ago, didn’t get anything, no tracking nothing. I will be reporting this transaction

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Thank you for your post. Your order was shipped on Nov. 19th. While the indicated transit time is a best estimate, there may sometimes be delivery delays, especially if your parcel needs to go as far as Ukraine. Please be patient, as your parcel should arrive within a week or so. Shipping with tracking wasn’t chosen at checkout, which is why you didn’t receive a tracking number. Please feel free to contact our support department should you have any other questions.
The Test Kit Plus team

25 reviews «1 of 2»

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