How to Test Amphetamine (Speed)

Amphetamine can’t be identified reliably with the naked eye. We recommend testing amphetamine with 3 tests. The first two identify amphetamine and help rule out compounds mis-sold as amphetamine. The third test can differentiate between amphetamine and methamphetamine.

  1. The primary test for amphetamine is the Marquis test. Which yields an orange/red color if amphetamine is present.
  2. The second step is to use the Liebermann test, which also yields an orange/red color, however the red is generally a darker red than with Marquis.
  3. Finally, to differentiate amphetamine from methamphetamine, use the Simon’s test. Simon’s turns blue with methamphetamine and doesn’t change color with amphetamine.

Simon’s is a two part test, first use a drop of “Simon’s A”, followed immediately by a drop of “Simon’s B”.

We provide an amphetamine test kit package with all three tests.

Amphetamine Test Kit »

Consider getting the Froehde reagent as an extra test to check for cuts. It reacts with most powders, but doesn’t react with amphetamine.

Amphetamine Color Reactions