How to Test MDMA (Molly/Ecstasy)

MDMA can be identified and screened for cuts by using a combination of tests.

Identifying MDMA

Substances, such as amphetamine, DXM (found in cough medicine), mthylone & ethylone (“bath salts”) are often mis-sold as MDMA. To ensure your sample is MDMA, we recommend using the following 3 tests:

  1. Marquis test: Turns black with MDMA.
  2. Mecke test: Goes from green to black with MDMA. Mecke is a good double check for MDMA, and screens 5-APB/6-PB, which do not turn green at the start of the reaction. An alternative to Mecke, is Froehde, which is also able to differentiate between MDMA and 5/6-APB.
  3. Simon’s test: Is useful to differentiate between MDMA, and MDA (a closely related substance). Simon’s is a secondary test, and shouldn’t be used on it’s own.

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Please also see our Drug Test Kit Color Reaction Results page, and the following video demo:

Testing MDMA Purity

While the above method indicates the presence of MDMA, it doesn’t indicate the proportion of MDMA in a sample. You may use an MDMA purity test to get an idea of how pure your sample is: MDMA Purity Test

MDMA Purity Test Color Chart
This picture is taken after 60 minutes. From left to right the amount of MDMA increases, 0%, 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. The longer it stands the clearer the color differences in color (and concentration) can be determined.

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MDMA Color Reactions