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Use this kit to test for the presence of LSD and other indoles.

The chemicals required to synthesize LSD are hard to come by. That’s why blotters often don’t contain LSD at all. Instead, they’ll contain psychedelic amphetamines like DOB, DOI, 2C-I-NBOMe, which can have very harmful side effects.

Our LSD Test Kit contains what is also known as the Ehrlich test or “DMAB test”. It detects indoles such as LSD, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, 5-MeO-DIPT, Psilocybin, Psilocin, AMT, and others.

A color reaction chart, as well as a multi-use testing vial, are also included with the kit.

Test Kit Includes:

  • Bottle with testing fluid
  • Color chart with instructions
  • Multiple-use testing vial
  • Protective storage/transport jar

LSD Test – Video Demo

Special thanks to PsychedSubstance for this video.

LSD Test Kit Package Video Demo (LSD & 1P-LSD)

LSD Test Tips

  • If you’re testing blotter LSD or geltabs, you’ll likely see less vivid colors compared with testing something more concentrated, like a crystal. You might have to give it some time to see a color change (around 3 minutes). Yet, you will eventually see a color change if you have LSD.
  • Geltabs (small squares of gelatin containing LSD) can be tested by placing a drop or two of the test liquid on a very small amount of the geltab. Over time, a purple reaction color will appear if LSD is present. Larger gelatin samples (such as jello squares) can’t be tested. Brownies, sugar cubes, cookies etc. can’t be tested with the kit because they contain too much foreign material.
  • The testing vial that comes with the kit helps prevent your skin from contacting the reagent while testing. Extra testing vials are also great for when you’re on the go. But using a white ceramic plate can help you see the results more easily.
  • 1P-LSD will react slowly with this test. You may only notice a color change after an 1 to 3 hours, and the purple color may be more subtle than it is with “regular LSD”.

Psilocybin (“Magic”) Mushroom Test Tips

Grind a small part of the mushroom to test on a white ceramic plate or in the testing vial included with your kit. For best results, test both part of the cap and the stem. Some mushrooms have low concentrations of psilocybin (the active substance in psychedelic mushrooms) in the stem, but higher concentrations in the cap, and vice versa. Testing both cap and stem increases the chances of a positive result, which would be a pink/purple color with this test. The reaction is often slow with mushrooms, please allow 30 minutes or more.

Test Kit instructions

  1. Put a small sample into the testing vial. If you’re testing paper, cut off a corner. Your sample should be about this size: (●)
  2. Hold the testing vial above the open plastic jar, so that if a drop misses the vial, it will land in the jar.
  3. Place 1-2 drops of the testing liquid from the dropper bottle onto the sample. DO NOT let the sample touch the bottle nozzle, or the reagent will get contaminated!
  4. Watch the color change over 30 sec. – 3 min. Purer samples (e.g. crystals) may yield more vivid colors than blotters.
  5. Compare the reaction color with the color chart provided.
  6. Tightly close the dropper bottle. If you’re using more than one testing fluid, make sure you only open one bottle at a time. If you accidentally switch caps, the testing liquid will get contaminated and ruined.
  7. Thoroughly wash the testing vial after each use.
  8. Store the dropper bottle in a cold place to maximize shelf life, like a freezer.

Color Reaction

LSD test


While reagent testing is the best method for on-the-spot testing, it is never 100% conclusive. There are many variables that can impact what the reaction looks like. Lighting, impurities, and unwanted substances in your sample may all play a role.

No drug (whether legal or illegal) is completely safe, we recommend avoiding all recreational drug use.

Additional information

Weight .086 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 cm

Regular (up to 100 tests), Large (up to 200 Tests)


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29 reviews «1 of 2»
Does its job and does it well

Ensures you’ll have a wonderful 12 hours!

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Thank you for the review. We have to point out that reagent testing is never 100% conclusive. No drug (whether legal or illegal) is completely safe, we recommend avoiding all recreational drug use.

The Test Kit Plus team

Quick shipping and great product

Order arrived quicker than expected and works as advertised. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Great option for peace of mind.

Turned purple

Mine turned purple. Appears to be legit. Thanks!

quality product

the cost of this product is relatively low compared to the assured safety you’ll feel knowing you’re consuming what you think you are. Fast, discrete shipping, easy to use, and really works.

Best LSD Testing kit for the price!

It is a very good product overall, I would recommend it to anyone that’s looking forward to testing this substances. works great!

PsychedSubstances approved

PsychedSubstances trusts this product. Therefore, I trust this product. Works perfectly as advertised.

It works

works well and is pretty cheap

It’s legit

I was hesitant at first about it but I can confirm that it’s legit. Also Adam from PsychedSubstance recommends it so y’all don’t need any other assurance


This product works as advertised. I recommend.

Peace of mind

Would highly recommend

Excellent Service and Quality

Our organization ordered the LSD Test Kits and are very pleased with the overall quality of the packaging, the product, and the price. We paid extra for the secure shipping from Canada and the package with our test kits arrived in less than a week. Upon reaction with a small sample, the color change was noticeable and almost exactly the same as predicted by the included color chart. We are very pleased with this product and highly recommend it to anyone interested in using drug test reagent kits like this. Looking forward to continuing business with Test Kit Plus!

Not sure if it worked...

It did not change color at all on the two samples I tested, even though one of them was confirmed to contain the substance. I left one of the samples in for over a day with no change. After contacting customer support, I was told that something was probably wrong on my end.

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Hello and thank you for the review. This test (Ehrlich) is the primary test for LSD. No purple color means no LSD. If you were testing a sample for LSD, and there was no color change after a whole day, we can assign a high probability that your sample didn’t contain a significant amount of LSD.

Hope this helps.

The Test Kit Plus team

As advertised

Everything was as promised

Turned Purple!

Works great, and I’m glad I had it.

An essential part of every tripper's kit

Great product that works as it should. Shipping (to the U.S.) was about as expected, maybe even a little faster than expected. As others have said, keep in mind that blotter will take quite a bit longer to react than, say, gel tabs. Let it sit and forget about it for like 15 minutes. Use gloves/PPE. Useful for validating 1P as well. This is a small purchase in the grand scheme of things, and will pay for itself very quickly, as there are a lot of tests you can do with just one bottle. Protect yourself and others!

Great! Would buy again

Arrived quickly and works as mentioned. Had some sand in the kit container for some reason… would love to know what that’s for haha

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

It’s an an absorbent material. In the off-chance that there’s a spill during transport, it prevents the reagent from doing any damage to its surroundings. We include it as an extra precaution. You can also conduct your tests over the jar so that if a drop misses the testing vial, the reagent will land onto the absorbent material.
The Test Kit Plus team

It does what it says lol

Got it quick. Tried on a plate, didn’t work well. Then I used the test tube and that was much better.

Worked great for me!

imo a little pricey, but it arrives quickly, and it’s very easy to use, the instructions are very clear (I went with “white plate” instead of the included test vial), and it worked great for my tests. I recommend it if you are in need of Erlich’s.

Does this work on...

Will this work properly on this like 1p, 1b, 1A , AL/ETH-LAD and MiLPT?

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

This test will yield a reaction 1P LSD, but the reaction will take longer than it does for LSD-25. We haven’t tested 1A-LSD, 1B-LSD, ALD-52, ETH-LAD, and MiPT; but in theory, the test should yield a reaction with these compounds.

Works as stated

Does what it says on the label. What else is there to know?

29 reviews «1 of 2»

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