Mushroom Test Kit

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  • Drug test kit package Marquis Liebermann Froehde Ehrlich Simon's Morris

    Pro Drug Test Kit (6-in-1) – Package

    $108.00 CAD$132.00 CAD
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  • Drug test kit package Marquis Mecke Mandelin Liebermann Froehde Ehrlich Hofmann Folin Simon's Morris

    Elite Drug Test Kit (10-in-1) – Package

    $150.00 CAD$200.00 CAD
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  • LSD Test Kit Package showing both Ehrlich and Hofmann reagents in front of a white jar.

    LSD Test Kit

    $25.00 CAD$62.00 CAD
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  • Psilocybin Mushroom-Potency Test Kit
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    Psilocybin Mushroom Potency Test Kit

    $31.25 CAD
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Showing all 4 results