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Cocaine Purity Test Kit Description

Use the Cocaine Purity Test Kit to get a good idea about the purity of your cocaine. It requires a small sample (you only need 20 mg of cocaine).

Simply compare the test result with the color chart included with the kit to get a good idea about how pure your cocaine sample is.

Cocaine Purity Test Color Chart
Cocaine Purity Test Color Chart

Image of the Difference in Purity of Cocaine Samples

The results from the tests done above can be read as follows:

  1. The first ampoule (where the bottom layer is almost like coffee) was a 90% pure sample and is worth 5 stars.
  2. The second ampoule was a 70% pure sample and gets 4 stars.
  3. The third ampoule was a 60% pure sample and gets 3 to 4 stars.
  4. The fourth ampoule was a 50% pure sample (very common to find on the streets) and tests between 2 and 3 stars.
  5. The last ampoule has almost no cocaine in it. It does not reach one star purity (it was a 10% pure sample).

No brown color at all means little to no cocaine: less than 10%.

This cocaine purity test is very insensitive to the usual substitutes such as mannitol, which won’t skew the purity reading. The test will also not react to other substances from the family of cocaine such as lidocaine, benzocaine, procaine, etc.

Cocaine Purity Test Kits Includes

Depending on what you select, our cocaine purity test kits include the following:

10 – Pack Cocaine Purity Tests 1 Single Cocaine Purity Test
  • 10 cocaine purity tests
  • 10 spatulas
  • Instruction sheet
  • 1 cocaine purity test
  • 1 spatula
  • Instruction sheet


Please use only 20 mg (a small amount) of your sample. If you use too much, the results will be skewed! When comparing different samples, test using the same quantity from each. You can use the materials that come with the kit to help you get the right amount. However, for best results, use a scale to weigh the exact amount of powder. You can buy a good portable digital scale from here:

Digital milligram scale »


Test samples from different sources at the same time, so that you can more easily compare results. Take pictures of the test results under the same lighting and with the same camera. Use the pictures to compare with results from future tests.

Cocaine Cuts

This test does not tell you anything about the adulterants that were used to cut the sample. To test for dangerous substances that may have been added to your cocaine, use the Cocaine Cuts Test Kit.

Cocaine Purity Test Instruction Video

Note: Scale and ampoule rack are not included, but you can get them separately.

Cocaine Purity Testing FAQ

How accurate are the test results?

Following the instructions precisely will let you get the best result. It’s important to use a 20 mg sample without any lumps or “rocks”. You should be able to get a reading within about ±10%.

Can cuts affect the results?

Many common cocaine cuts won’t skew the results. That being said, we cannot guarantee that there aren’t any substances that might cause issues. To get an idea of what your sample might be cut with, we recommend testing with our Cocaine Cuts Test Kit.

We also suggest our Liebermann test. It can screen for other common cuts like amphetamines, lidocaine, and levamisole.

Does the Cocaine Purity Test check for fentanyl in my Sample?

No. To test for fentanyl, we recommend our forensic fentanyl test kit, or getting some fentanyl test strips. We highly recommend testing your cocaine for fentanyl. Fentanyl in cocaine has resulted in thousands of deaths within North America.

How many cocaine purity tests do I get with this kit?

There are three options to choose from.

  • The “1 Single Test” includes one cocaine purity tester with everything you need to perform one test.
  • The “10 Tests in 1 Box” option includes 10 cocaine purity testers packaged in a single box.
  • If you’re planning on distributing single tests to friends or reselling them to customers, we recommend selecting the “10 Tests Packaged Individually” option. You’d get 10 cocaine purity testers packaged as 10 separate kits.

Can I get this cocaine purity test kit at Amazon, Walmart, or eBay?

Sorry, we don’t sell on sites like Amazon and Walmart. But you can rest assured, all orders placed on this website are secured with encryption, and no credit card information is saved by us. For answers to other frequently asked questions, please see our general FAQ.


No drug (whether legal or illegal) is completely safe, we recommend avoiding all recreational drug use.

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Dimensions 15 × 9 × 2 cm

1 Single Test, 10 Tests in 1 Box, 10 Tests Packaged Individually

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1 - 5
Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit
How to break open an ampoule
Use the top of a cheap pen the pen cap. Put it over the top of the amp and snap it off
Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit
Great product, have used many times to make sure I'm not getting jacked. Saved me once, it was distinctly lighter than what I had seen in previous test. Thanks for supplying such an easy to use testing kit!
Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit
Works great
After doing a few tests, I was not sure about the accuracy of theses tests because the results were similar. So I decided to do a test with a sample that was 50/50 with cutting agent and the color drastically changed. So thumbs up
Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit
Not accurate
Its Just not accurate. The color is dark AF Even when i use 10mg in a test vial. I know this Coke to be No more than 80. Most likely 60 or 70


Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Thank you for your review. Most unexpected results are due to using too much of a sample. Also, the reading should be taken a few seconds after mixing in your sample. Over time, the liquid will darken. This test is insensitive to typical cuts, however, if your sample contains an adulterant that affects the test, the results can be skewed. This might be the situation in your case, because it seems you are using the right amount of sample (20 mg). Please note that this is a presumptive test.

The Test Kit Plus team

Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit
Such babies
@NHnhh...So let me understand.... you made a seriously stupid decision and sliced yourself open because you don't practice safety? Leaving 2 stars for your own really embarrassing mistake is pitiful and I hope you and @King1 get the karma you deserve for trying to hurt the reputation of a business that gave you exactly what you ordered. You two are a disgrace. Because this is a great deal now just let me order, but seriously it's not little. 10 tests? That should be enough for a long time. I appreciate you guys and I'm sorry about the losers flooding your comments. Maybe I'll leave you some more good reviews elsewhere online.
Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit
Works as it should
The test seems to work exactly as it should. It will give a decent idea of purity. You won’t get a precise percentage with a quick spot test like this, but if you want a ballpark figure, I definitely recommend this product.
Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit
Container broke and cut me
The the test it self seems to work and is looks like its fairly accurate. The issue I had was the glass container breaking while I was opening it. You have to snap apart the top part of the ampoule with a breaker leaving the bottom half exposed. On one of the tests, the bottom part broke in my hand and slicing my thumb fairly deeply. Would have liked a different, safer ampoule or a different method of opening. ------------- Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Thank you for your feedback and we're sorry you got cut by the ampoule. To maximize safety, we recommend holding the ampoule upright in the palm of your hand(s), and breaking of the top part with your thumb(s).
The Test Kit Plus team

Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit
Cocaine Purity test kit
Self-explanatory, this kit is awesome. Works like a charm and is very straight-forward. Easy to use, practically foolproof. I recommend using the Cutting agents test kit (sold separately) with this one to get a precise idea just what your suspected substance consists of. Stay safe everyone! One love.
Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit
To little
There is, without a question, not enough solution in the testers. Im sure the solution is right but they cheap you on solution hard. I read this same comment elsewhere but chose to try it anyways. I had to double up the vials in order to make it work properly. Id purchase again if I knew for sure there was enough solution in the vials but I will not purchase in order to find that answer out. I hope this issue is corrected


Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Thank you for the review. It's important to follow the directions precisely when conducting the test. The quantity of liquid in the ampoule is the exact amount required to conduct the test with a 20 mg sample. Using more (or less) liquid to conduct a test will yield less accurate results.
The Test Kit Plus team

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