How to Test Ketamine (Special K)

Ketamine can come in powder, crystal or liquid form, and can’t be identified by just looking at it. We recommend testing ketamine with four tests.

  1. The primary test for ketamine is the Morris test. It yields a lavender/purple color if ketamine is present. If you can only afford one test to identify ketamine, get this one.
  2. The Mandelin test is recommended as a secondary test for ketamine. Mandelin turns deep reddish orange with ketamine.
  3. The Froehde test is useful as a test for adulterants such as MXP, 4-MeO-PCP, 3-HO-PCE and others. Froehde does not change color with pure ketamine.
  4. Finally, the Liebermann test and can check for 2-MeO-ketamine (an analog of ketamine). Liebermann is also useful to rule out various adulterants.

We provide a ketamine test kit package with all four tests.

Ketamine Test Kit »

If you want to check for other dissociatives, such as MXE, DXM, get the Mecke test. Mecke is another good test for ketamine cuts because it doesn’t produce a color change with pure ketamine.

Ketamine Testing Video Demos

Ketamine Testing Results – Color Reactions