Wholesale & Dropshipping

Earn revenue by reselling the Test Kit Plus product line, easily. We provide drop ship and wholesale pricing options.

Option 1: Let Us Drop Ship for You

Place an order on our website for us to ship directly to your customer.


  • No need to buy and stock inventory
  • No need to pack and ship products
  • No minimum order quantity

How it works:

  1. List our products on your website
  2. Customer places an order on your site
  3. You place an order on our website using your drop ship account
  4. We ship directly to your customer

The percentage discount for drop shipping is 20% sitewide.

Product Discount
All products 20%

Note: If your order quantity reaches the wholesale pricing threshold (described below), you’ll automatically qualify for wholesale pricing.

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Option 2: Buy in Bulk for Wholesale Pricing

We recommend buying at wholesale prices if you prefer to stock and deliver items yourself.

Buying in bulk will get you discounts between 20% and 55%, depending on the product and quantity purchased.


  • Higher margins
  • Option to sell in your physical store as well as online
  • No need to create an account with us, discounts are automatically applied

How it works:

  1. Buy in bulk from our website
  2. Display our products in your shop
  3. Deliver to customers when they buy from you

Wholesale discount table:

Product Quantity Discount Price USD

3 – 9



10 – 99


















Note: You can mix and match products in each category to reach the required quantity.

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*Note: The prices shown are examples for your convenience, actual product prices vary. Affiliate commissions do not apply to drop ship or wholesale orders. Quantity thresholds and percentages are subject to change.