Cannabis THC & CBD Potency Test Kit

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Easily find out how much TCH and CBD is in your cannabis sample. See the THC and CBD results as percentage by weight in flowers, buds and extracts. Includes a single-use cannabis potency test kit.

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With this single-use cannabis test kit you can quickly find out the percentage of THC and CBD in flower, buds, and extracts. The process is simple, mix/grind your cannabis buds or flower, then perform the test.

  • Easily find out how much THC and CBD is in your flower, bud or extract
  • Requires only a 20 mg sample
  • Results can be viewed within 15 minutes

Cannabis THC & CBD Potency Test Kit Contents

  • 1 x pair of protective gloves
  • 1 x set of detailed instructions
  • 1 x color chart to evaluate CBD and THC concentrations
  • 1 x glass vial containing crystals to determine TCH concentration
  • 1 x plastic dropper bottle to determine CBD concentration
  • 1 x blister with twist-off tip containing developer solution
  • 1 x pipette to allow evaluation of CBD and THC concentrations in extracts

Important note: Cannabis THC/CBD purity testing in this context refers to the concentration of THC and CBD in a sample. Purity doesn’t mean your sample is free of cuts or impurities.

Cannabis TCH/CBD Test Kit FAQ

How much starting material do I need to determine the concentration of my plant parts?

To test dried plant material, you only need 20 mg of starting material.

Can I determine both THC and CBD with the test?

Yes, this is easily possible. This THC/CBD test is designed so that you can determine both THC and CBD. This is done by giving 2 independent colorations allowing you to evaluate both compounds.

Can the THC/CBD-Q test also be used for extracts?

Yes! This THC/CBD test can be used for both plant material and extracts to determine the concentration.

What should I keep in mind if I want to test an extract?

When testing extracts:

Extracts are more concentrated. To ensure that the color result of the test still fits the scale on the evaluation card, you have to reduce the amount of starting material accordingly. Depending on the extract, we recommend using only half (10 mg)  or a quarter (5 mg) of the actual starting amount and multiplying the final result accordingly.

When testing liquid or oils:

Use the enclosed pipette for testing liquid samples. Typically even high-THC vapes do not have more than 30 % THC on average. If you expect to have such a high concentrated sample, we recommend to use 1 drop for the test (for lower concentrated use more drops). 

The evaluation color scale is calibrated for a 20 mg sample of bud or flower. Since you’re testing a liquid, you need a reference weight to get the final result. Do this by weighing the drops you use for the test. Fill the pipette with your extract, then use the provided vial and a digital scale to weight the liquid. Either weigh the vial before and after you add the extract, or use the scale’s “tare” function to get the weight of the extract.

To get a more accurate drop weight, you can measure the weight of multiple drops and divide it by the number of drops to get the weight of a single drop. Perform the test as described and follow the example given in the section 4 of the instruction booklet: “Evaluating the result” to calculate the concentration for your remaining liquid.


When testing plant materials: use 20 mg flower material → Evalutaion scale ranges from 0-25 % THC

When testing extracts: 
use 10 mg extract → Evalutaion scale ranges from 0-50 % THC
use 5 mg extract → Evalutaion scale ranges from 0-100 % THC

When testing liquids or oils:

Depending on THC content on average between 1-3 drops, drop weight must be weighed in parallel.

How much starting material should I use for extracts?

For extracts, depending on the THC concentration, only half or a quarter of the actual sample should be used and the result then multiplied accordingly.

Example Calculations for Extracts or Liquid Samples

Here are some sample calculations for the use of extracts and liquids:

  • 10 mg extract was used → multiply the results of the color chart by two
  • 5 mg extract was used → multiply the result of the color chart  by four
  • 1 drop of oil was tested, and weighed with 20 mg → result can be read directly from the scale
  • 2 drops of oil weighing 50 mg were tested, and you read a 20 % THC content from the color chart:
  • 50 mg/20 mg = 2.5 → 20 %/2.5 = 8 % THC content in the entire sample
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