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Booty Bumping, Boofing, Plugging

Last updated on November 13th, 2023

What is booty bumping, boofing, or plugging?

Instead of eating, snorting, or injecting a substance, the person uses the rectum (anus) as the route of administration.

This route of administration has been stigmatized as only used by queer or homosexual people, but it’s not true. People of all sexual orientations use this method of administration.

Boofing is typically done with cocaine, heroine and meth.

What are the benefits of booty bumping?

The rectum contains many blood vessels, allowing a fast and efficient drug absorption into the bloodstream. It’s usually described as stronger than smoking, but weaker than injecting.

For someone who usually snorts or injects a drug, switching routes of administration can be a harm prevention technique.

The body needs to heal after frequent use of drugs, specially if they are taken through the nose, veins, muscle and rectum.

What’s required for booty bumping?

  • Needless/oral syringe (1ml)
  • Clean mixing cup + sterile stirrer (something to mix your drugs)
  • Sterile water / bottled water
  • Preferred lubricant, best if it’s water-based
  • Vitamin E capsules

Booty Bumping Tips:

  • Poop beforehand, as a clean slate is essential.
  • Remember it’s best to start with small doses because, using this method can be more intense.
  • Properly mix their substances prior to use, with a coffee filter to remove matter that doesn’t dissolve.
  • Use lube up to 1cm from the rectum and not going further than that when inserting
  • Leave the syringe inserted for a few minutes after emptying contents, to help avoid a leak.
  • Insert a capsule of vitamin E, which can help healing any micro-tears.

Onset and duration:

Boofing cocaine leads to a quick onset, between 1-2 minutes. The duration can last for several hours and it’s effect is more intense than when snorted.

Boofing methamphetamine can have an onset of 3-5 minutes. Regardless of method of administration, meth typically can last for hours.

Boofing heroin has a quick onset comparable to injecting.

Most information on boofing comes from anecdotal evidence. More research on boofing is needed.

Risks of booty bumping?

  • With frequent use, booty bumping can cause severe damage to the rectum, rectal tissue and intestines. It can leave a person more susceptible to different infections, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Never share your equipment!
  • Booty bumping cocaine carries more risks of overdosing than snorting cocaine. That’s because for cocaine, boofing has a more intense effect. Someone might not realize that their normal snorted dose will be more potent when taken anally.
  • The body naturally vomits when trying to get rid of a harmful substance. When a drug is taken rectally, your body won’t be able to expulse the substance. This increases the risk of an overdose.

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