Test ampoules

Review for Heroin Purity Test Kit

I was surprised and a little disappointed to see the ampoules weren’t all even and one had only been half full of whatever solution is in the test product, for example they all seemed to b filled to the line and looks like 2 seperate solutions as like in water and oil don’t mix, so looks like a liquid half full with the other half looking like an air bubble that is the other half which u see lined at the orange mark line, so maybe was a factory fault and only one half of a solution of liquid was added or all but only half the amount, but there is no separation like the others so what to say

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Thank you for the review. The ampoules have the same amount of liquid in each. You may have to tap the ampoule a few times, as some liquid can collect in the top. There are two separate liquid layers of liquid by design, it’s not a defect. Please contact our support team should you require assistance.
The Test Kit Plus team