Feeling ripped off

Review for Cannabis (Marijuana) Test Kit

I bought this test thinking that I would be abel to conduct 8 tests and at $180 dollars Aussie, it was still going to be expensive per test. However according to the literature I would be able to test for a large number of cannabinoids in each test so i purchased along with a number of other kits (they were all great, exactly what they said it would be). When i got the kit and opened it up it was only then that i realised that you can have TWO tests with FOUR samples on each test. So I felt pretty ripped of realising that and hadn’t even started the first test. The process is somewhat complex and i blew the first slide, leaving me with one test ( i only wanted to measure the cannabinoids in my home grown harvest). I finally got the second test going and got some results that I have sent off to the manufacturer, Alpha-Cat because the readings are rather challenging to take and seems somewhat subjective – i was looking for a definitive readout across all the THC’s, CBD’s etc that this kit said it would ease;y test for. In wrapping up, this was a rip off for the price and it wasn’t clear that there was not eight tests in all. Very disappointed. Also I haven’t heard back from Alpha-Cat yet …

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Thank you for your review and sorry you feel disappointed. We’d like to point out that the product you ordered clearly states 2-8 tests. The exact number depends on how many tests you perform per plate. Reading the results requires comparing the dots on the plate with the calibration charts provided with the kit. We also recommend watching the demo video.

The Test Kit Plus team