Worked great for me!

Review for LSD Test Kit

imo a little pricey, but it arrives quickly, and it’s very easy to use, the instructions are very clear (I went with “white plate” instead of the included test vial), and it worked great for my tests. I recommend it if you are in need of Erlich’s.


Review for MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly) Test Kit

Excellent product, does exactly what its supposed to. Showed up just in time. I would be sure to order at least 6 weeks before you need the tests. US customs held onto my package for a little while before sending it. I would highly recommend these.

Does this work on…

Review for LSD Test Kit

Will this work properly on this like 1p, 1b, 1A , AL/ETH-LAD and MiLPT?

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

This test will yield a reaction 1P LSD, but the reaction will take longer than it does for LSD-25. We haven’t tested 1A-LSD, 1B-LSD, ALD-52, ETH-LAD, and MiPT; but in theory, the test should yield a reaction with these compounds.

Works as it should

Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit

The test seems to work exactly as it should. It will give a decent idea of purity. You won’t get a precise percentage with a quick spot test like this, but if you want a ballpark figure, I definitely recommend this product.

Container broke and cut me

Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit

The the test it self seems to work and is looks like its fairly accurate. The issue I had was the glass container breaking while I was opening it. You have to snap apart the top part of the ampoule with a breaker leaving the bottom half exposed. On one of the tests, the bottom part broke in my hand and slicing my thumb fairly deeply. Would have liked a different, safer ampoule or a different method of opening.

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Thank you for your feedback and we’re sorry you got cut by the ampoule. To maximize safety, we recommend holding the ampoule upright in the palm of your hand(s), and breaking of the top part with your thumb(s).

Fentanyl Test kit

Review for Fentanyl Test Kit

This test kit works for both powders (from crushed pills as well) and liquids. So it is a versatile test kit i believe, which is good because just about everything from prescription pills from codeine cough syrup is being replicated and made with fentanyl to be wrongly sold as the real thing with no regard for others well being. Don’t be a victim of fentanyl because you received fake substances. Be smart and do your research. This test kit is a bit complicated to use, especially with the way the instructions are, but it is well worth learning to perform properly. Don’t play with your life people. One love

Cocaine Purity test kit

Review for Cocaine Purity Test Kit

Self-explanatory, this kit is awesome. Works like a charm and is very straight-forward. Easy to use, practically foolproof. I recommend using the Cutting agents test kit (sold separately) with this one to get a precise idea just what your suspected substance consists of. Stay safe everyone! One love.

Cocaine cutting agents test kit

Review for Cocaine Cuts Test Kit

I really like this test kit,for the reason I can see what is in the substances I am receiving. Which is definitely necessary if one intends to consume the suspected substance. Stay safe everyone and do your research! Thank you to TestKitPlus for making tests such as this one so readily available to anyone with discreetness. One love

A great way to stay safe

Review for Complete Drug Test Kit (5-in-1 Bundle)

Have been wanting to get a test kit for a while now, from a Canadian company (currently boycotting USA), and after seeing PsychedSubstance vouch for these kits, I got them. They work great, they come with a nice container which keeps them secure enough that you can throw them in your backpack without worrying about them breaking. I do wish the vials of reagent were easier to dispense (ie having a proper dropper included on the vials), but its easy enough to dispense that im just nitpicking at this point. I do wish this ‘complete’ kit had Liebermann reagent, and simons reagent for detecting cuts such as levisimole, but, again, considering I do not touch cocaine or anything like that, its not a huge issue. But I would love for TKP to look in to stocking some.

Test ampoules

Review for Heroin Purity Test Kit

I was surprised and a little disappointed to see the ampoules weren’t all even and one had only been half full of whatever solution is in the test product, for example they all seemed to b filled to the line and looks like 2 seperate solutions as like in water and oil don’t mix, so looks like a liquid half full with the other half looking like an air bubble that is the other half which u see lined at the orange mark line, so maybe was a factory fault and only one half of a solution of liquid was added or all but only half the amount, but there is no separation like the others so what to say

Reply from Test Kit Plus:

Thank you for the review. The ampoules have the same amount of liquid in each. You may have to tap the ampoule a few times, as some liquid can collect in the top. There are two separate liquid layers of liquid by design, it’s not a defect. Please contact our support team should you require assistance.
The Test Kit Plus team